The Film Crew is Dead; Long Live Rifftrax!

In Memoriam.Welcome, won't you?

No new DVDs have been filmed in years, none have come out since 2007, and now The Film Crew has even let its domain name lapse. In a recent Q&A, Bill Corbett confirmed what we have long suspected--The Film Crew is now dead, survived by four DVDs and a legion of mourning fans. I've cut my link to their site and added a note to The Film Crew Guide.

Here's the text of the announcement behind the cut:

As of this week — literally a few days ago — I can finally confirm the sad news that The Film Crew is no more.

We’re all pretty bummed that we couldn’t work out a way to continue Film Crew, in some form. It has more to do with the unfortunate timing — as I’ve probably said in a previous Q and A, we were waiting around for a long time after we filmed the Film Crew things in 2005, wondering if they’d be released. For a while the answer was NO.

So we moved on. And Mike joined up with Legend to do Rifftrax, and was kind (or foolish?) enough to ask Kevin and me aboard. And now there’s just no way of doing both.

It’s not the fault of Shout Factory — they’ve been pretty excellent to us. It’s what came before they picked us up!

As for seeing our live images onscreen again — thanks, but why would you want that? We’d getting old and creepy (creepier) looking. Well, I speak personally.

Thanks for the question. There may yet be ways for Rifftrax to branch out into other ways of riffing, including some cool visual component. We’ll be trying something soon. Stay tuned, as ever!
Don't worry, honey. Rifftrax is still around.