Grappling with Unspecified Potential Events

Bill Corbett and Mary Jo Pehl on a desperate quest to mumblemumblemumble...Welcome, won't you?

In case your near-inaudible suspicious mumbling requirements haven't been met for the week, Rifftrax Presents has released the Bill and Mary Jo commentary for The X-Files: Fight the Future. Buy now. Sample in yesterday's post. The DVD will be harder to obtain. An exhaustive search has placed a copy in the hands of my enemy, Obscure Local Video Rental Merchant Man. I will attempt to penetrate his place of business tonight. If I'm not back by tomorrow, call Mulder and Scully.

Also: MST3K.com has returned! And it's a flash-based site that doesn't work in IE6, so I have no idea what's on it! Huzzah! I'll take a look from my Firefox-enabled home computer later tonight and have more information tomorrow.