Keep Your Feet on the Ground, and Keep Reaching for Dark Star

Talk to the hand.Welcome, won't you?

The Dark Star crew has finished another couple of spaceship interior levels. Maybe we'll get it this December after all. I'll have to add it to my Christmas list. Go here, and enter the "News" portion of the site for the latest update.

A Bit of Advice: The Alien rifftrax only works with the Director's Cut released in 2003. Make sure you look at the release date of the movie you're purchasing/renting before completing the transaction, regardless of how the cover is labeled.

Status of the Next Review: The Alien review will be delayed until tomorrow at the earliest and Monday at the latest due to the inability of more than one $&*#! video rental outlet to correctly label the different versions of that movie. Blockbuster, for instance, has a clearly labeled Director's Cut case that contains the 1999 Special Edition. When I brought it back and showed them, it turned out that no, they did not actually stock the version I needed. My locally owned and operated backup store had both versions, but the regular case contained the Special Edition, and the Special Edition case contained the Director's Cut. I attempted to explain that the Special Edition and the Director's Cut have significant differences despite their near-identical running time. The teenage girl behind the counter responded with a glazed stare.

Long story short, I finally have the right version, and will be reviewing it soon.