Not Doomsday Yet

Dude, Doomsday Machine totally used to open for Motorhead.Welcome, won't you?

After months of delay, the second Cinematic Titanic release Doomsday Machine is finally available...in theory. I was going to title this post "Doomsday Is Upon Us!" but J. Elvis used that one for today's email club announcement, and besides, it's just not accurate. Doomsday Machine: The DVD ($14.99 plus shipping and handling) can be ordered directly from Cinematic Titanic, shipped in three to five business days, and then delivered in however long shipping takes after that. Doomsday Machine: The Download ($9.99) was supposed to be the cheaper and faster alternative, but downloadable DVD vendor EZTakes apparently thought that only three or four people would be interested. High demand killed their server within hours of release. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson from the last release date fiasco.

I'll be ordering a physical DVD and reviewing it whenever it arrives, because it looks like I'll get my hands on it faster that way.