My Mother was a Wood Duck

Robots of the future riffing the mousepads of the past.Welcome, won't you?

MST3K.com is back up and it actually looks decent. I don’t mean to sound shocked. It’s just that after the last iteration—what with the unscrollable fixed dimensions, the constant background noise drowning out the videos and the boring-as-hell flash cartoons—I wasn’t expecting much. Now that Mr. Mallon and company appear to have put that unfortunate stain on the show’s history behind them, I promise this will be the last time I mention it.

The new MST3K.com has a lot to love. There are four sections. The first one is called Riff of the Day and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a brief clip of a particularly funny quip from a classic episode. Yesterday’s was from Red Zone Cuba, spotlighting a tender moment with the craggy proprietor of a roadside diner. The next two are titled Planet Theater and Gypsy’s Host Segment Drive-In, respectively. They positively brim with classic host segments and clips from film segments, each one clearly labeled with its episode of origin. The last section is a link called MSTie Mall, which leads to the unaltered (at least as far as I can tell) MST3K.com store.

So, all in all, an easily navigable site chock full of classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 goodness. Good job, guys.

As far as their site redesign relates to my site, I will no longer be continuing coverage of MST3K.com. Making reviews and lists about them made sense back when they were producing original content, but now that they’re not, it seems like it would be silly to review clips from shows I’ve already reviewed. Even the “Legacy Videos” list I used to maintain is no longer necessary; if you want to know what host segment is from which episode, just hover your mouse over the video and it will tell you.

In the next few days I will alter the main page of the MST3K.com Guide to reflect the changes to their site. Then I’ll leave notes on the ‘Bot Cartoon reviews and the “Legacy Videos” list to assure readers that these belong to a sad and distant past.