Barbie, On the Other Hand, is Incorrigible

Those brown dogs are worried about their property values now that a white-with-black-spots dog has moved into the neighborhood.Welcome, won't you?

Eat Our Shorts marches onward with the re-introduction of a past mascot whose lovable antics will be sure to warm the hearts of children and parents alike. Rifftrax On Demand presents Skipper Learns a Lesson, starring Skipper the Racist Dog. Download it today.

Also, I have seen Cinematic Titanic's take on Doomsday Machine, and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I probably would have enjoyed it more if the makers of the featured subject had bothered to, oh I don't know, finish their damn film instead of tacking on ten minutes of actionless footage from another movie, but I guess we have to work with what we're given. Review here.