Meet Skipper After Dark

I know Bill wrote it, but just looking at the poster makes me cringe.Welcome, won't you?

Lots of things to talk about today.

1) Skipper Learns a Lesson is, appropriately enough, about a dog named Skipper who learns a lesson about racism. Apparently, the lesson we should all take to heart is that a good drenching in poster paint will cure even the most hardened of canine hate-mongers of intolerance. Review here.

2) Meet Dave, the upcoming Eddie Murphy comedy co-written by MST3K, Film Crew and Rifftrax scribe Bill Corbett, comes out tomorrow. It's tough to know how it will turn out. Bill Corbett does good work, but Eddie Murphy has been known yank down his pants and take big steaming dumps on decent-sounding projects, especially in recent years. The only review I've been able to find thus far seems pretty positive, but it's from someone I've never heard of. We'll just have to wait and see.

3) Apparently you can now see the first Film Crew release Hollywood After Dark online for free. Once was enough for me as far as this particular film was concerned, but feel free to head down and check it out if you like.