Ovaries Make You Weak and Pathetic...

'Well-adjusted' isn't a word we like to use 'round these parts......yes, that's the message of the latest Rifftrax short, Each Child Is Different. Boys who sip their milk and can't defend themselves from bullies twice their own size aren't much better. Tall, aggressive young boys who are good at sports have things much, much easier. Review here.

Also: Comic-con has come and gone. And, um, I can't think of anything else that rhymes. Apparently there was this panel that included all the writer/performers together again for the first time in years. And it was moderated by Remy of Ratatouille. Talk about surreal. I wasn't there, but the guys from the Satellite News were. Here's their report.

Oh, and a helpful commentor has pointed out that some kind soul has posted Edward the Less over on Youtube. (I can't post a link 'cause this computer is screwy about Youtube.) I'd advise you to rush over and see them before someone at SciFi notices, but considering the level of apathy they displayed when I asked permission to post them, I doubt anyone will bother to have them removed anytime soon. I'll alter the Edward the Less Guide to reflect this new development as soon as I get to it.

Oh, and welcome, won't you?