Rifftrax Video On Demand 021 to 030

RVOD021 If Mirrors Could Speak

RVOD022 One Got Fat

RVOD023 Drugs Are Like That

RVOD024 Down and Out

RVOD025 Patriotism

RVOD026 Skipper Learns a Lesson

RVOD027 Buying Food

RVOD028 Right or Wrong (Making Moral Decisions)

RVOD029 The Trouble with Women

RVOD030 It Must Be The Neighbors

Everything from Down and Out to Why Vandalism was released in July 2008 during a promotion called "Eat Our Shorts". They're okay. Not bad, but seem to suffer slightly for being riffed and pushed out the door all at once. Fortunately, the two shorts previous (One Got Fat and Drugs Are Like That) are two of the strangest, most hilarious shorts they've ever done. One Got Fat in particular is a bicycle safety short where papier-mache monkeys die in the cruelest, most horrific manner possible... Well, it really must be seen to be believed.