What Do You, The Audience At Home, Think?

After the Meet Dave debacle, Bill's the one who really ought to be in there.Welcome, won't you?

Is it okay to throw rocks through windows and then lie about it? What about refusing to turn in the other participants, even though they've hung you out to dry? How about sleeping on your pastor's couch? Is that okay? In a rare set of circumstations, I've actually already seen today's short Right or Wrong. Grab it here and discuss. I'll see what Mike, Bill and Kevin have to say about it and post a review the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow's review will probably pertain to the Bill Corbett/Eddie Murphy Science Fiction "Comedy" Meet Dave, which I have now seen. I guess the quotations around the word "comedy" pretty much give away how I feel about it. Bill, man, I'm so sorry. Please accept my deepest, most heartfelt condolences on the murder and mutilation of your script.