What Would Danny Elfman Do?

Did she leave the iron on or what?Welcome, won't you?

Right or Wrong (Making Moral Decisions) wants to know what you would do if you got caught out late at night with your vandal buddies breaking windows. Claim insanity, and then wear your underpants on your head to prove it? Run from the cops, leading them on a three-county chase that ends when you leap your souped-up sportscar/monster truck over a raging river? Pledge eternal fealty to the mob in exchange for high-priced legal protection? I think Bill has the most sensible answer at the end, to wit, "I would not have vandalized anything." Review here.

Also: the Rifftrax has added a colorized version of the camp favorite Forbidden Zone, featuring Danny Elfman, Herve Villachaize and so on in a hallucinagenic tale that I couldn't summarize for you in one sentence even if I felt inclined to do so. However, since it does not feature riffing of any kind, nor was it written, produced or otherwise created by MST3K alumni, I do not feel obligated to review it for you. You can buy it as a DVD or Video On Demand file here, if you so choose.