Child Endangerment Entertainment at its Finest

Go on Harry, chop off Dobby's head.  You know you want to...Welcome, won't you?

I know it's been almost a week but, well, Hagrid told me to go ask Aragog the Giant Spider for his insights into the making of the film, neglecting to mention that the oversized arachnid would try to eat me as soon as the interview was over. I barely escaped with my life, and then spent the rest of the week recovering from the venom. Which is a complicated way of saying that I had the flu.

Anyway, here's my review of the Rifftrax for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in a nutshell: ahem, "The sloppiest of the Potter movies combined with the funniest of the Potter movie commentaries." Read the long version here, if you like.

Also: seeing no warnings or complaints about download speeds in the various forums, I decided to brave EZTake's download service in my quest to obtain the latest Cinematic Titanic DVD, Wasp Woman. They appear to have made good on their promise to run things smoother this time; I got the whole thing at very nearly the top speed my DSL provider allows, and I'll be watching it later this week. For those who prefer their DVDs professionally pressed and packaged, the physical specimen is now available at the Cinematic Titanic Store.