I Riff, You Riff, We All Riff for iRiff

I don't get it.  Why didn't they alter the original poster at all?Welcome, won't you?

Posted at the Rifftrax site today:

Think you have the chops to make a RiffTrax?

Just create and upload your humorous commentaries on anything, set your price, and we'll do the rest by hosting and distributing your content. You'll even get your very own product page to promote your iRiff. Best of all, you share in the sales of your iRiff! We will feature the best tracks on the RiffTrax home page and the funniest stuff will rise to the top based on our user comments and star rating system.

We'll be having contests with cash prizes, and the best iRiffs' artists will get invited to work with Mike Nelson and the RiffTrax guys, and get paid to make a RiffTrax Presents!

You’ll be able to start uploading your own iRiffs in October, so get working!

Until then, we've handpicked a few already-completed RiffTrax-fan iRiffs below to give you a taste of what folks can do when they put their riffing skills to work. Enjoy and get cracking on your own iRiff. Share your creative talents with the world, and maybe even make a few bucks!
So, basically, you get to make your own Rifftrax and sell them on the site. Cool. Makes me wish I could participate, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen until I get a better microphone, a tad more technical expertise, and a new house with actual separate rooms instead of one with a frankly frustrating open air design that prevents me from speaking above a whisper after eight p.m. for fear of waking up the little ones. Not to mention the need to walk softly in the loft so that my footsteps don't sound like drumbeats over my daughters' bedroom...

What was I talking about? Oh, yes. iRiffs.

There are a number of sample fanriffs available there now, including:

Lady Frankenstein, riffed by Incognito Cinema Warriors ($9.99 for a VOD file)
Speed, riffed by Riff Raff Theater ($1.99 for an MP3 commentary)
and a number of old-fashioned educational shorts riffed by Josh Way ($0.75 a piece).

While I welcome these new additions to the Expanded Rifftrax Universe, for logistical reasons, I will not be able to add them to the guide. Yes, five more films isn't really all that many (expecially when three of them are shorts) but when iRiffs fully implements in October, there's just no way I'll be able to keep up with them all.