Spider-Man's Eleven

Thrill as Doc Oc marries his high school sweetheart Anthony...  Wait...Welcome, won't you?

I'm back from Yosemite, having managed to remain entirely uneaten by bears. I also managed to arrive home with the same number of children as I had when I left, despite their concerted efforts to the contrary. But none of you care about that.

What you probably do care about is yesterday's release of the Ocean's Eleven Rifftrax, with special guest riffer Richard Cheese. I just picked up my copy this afternoon, and I'll be watching it tonight.

Also, the next title to grace the Rifftrax Presents adjunct lineup of commentaries will be Spiderman 2, with Bill, Kevin, and special guest riffer (and one of my favorite bloggers) Josh Fruhlinger--a.k.a. the Comics Curmudgeon. Look for it at the Rifftrax site on September 5, 2008.