Brain, er, Legacy of Blood

This is quite literally the only image on the entire internet that has anything to do with this movie.Welcome, won't you?

J. Elvis dropped another announcement on the Cinematic Titanic Email Club yesterday while I was away from my email account. The next Cinematic Titanic title Legacy of Blood (imdb here) will release on October 9th, 2008. I'm guessing this is the last of the ones they've already recorded, but since he leads off the email with "Thought I’d drop you all a line before the CT crew assembles here in Los Angeles next week to shoot our next batch of three episodes (including our delicious holiday offering)", it looks like we (hopefully) won't have another long wait on our hands.

Also significant (for people in or around Illinois): further down in the email he tells us about another show they've set up at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago on December 18, 19 and 20, 2008.

Here's the entirety of his missive, behind the cut:

Hi Everyone,

Thought I’d drop you all a line before the CT crew assembles here in Los Angeles next week to shoot our next batch of three episodes (including our delicious holiday offering). Stuff is happening, yes indeed. Stuff like:


Our 4th episode. “LEGACY OF BLOOD”, will be available OCTOBER 9th. Just in time for three weeks before Halloween, it’s a creepy tale of a creepy family (Menendez family creepy, not the Addams Family creepy/kooky blend) bent on surviving a week in a mansion to earn their evil father’s fortune. As you might guess, murder is a prominent plot driver here. None of this should bother you too much since we tend to talk a lot throughout the film…hope you don’t mind.

Check out the TRAILER.

And, for the record, you should buy our previous releases….and a shirt would look really nice on you too.


We’ve officially filled out our 2008 live show schedule with a three-night engagement at THE LAKESHORE THEATER in Chicago, December 18-20th

We’ll be performing a different movie each night – none of which have been released on DVD yet. Should be a whole lot of fun.

If St. Louis is more your kind of town, come see us live at the FAMILY ARENA, Nov. 1st. It’s such a big gig, there’s a TV Ad for it. Feel our thunder.

But wait! You say you’re going to be in Minneapolis on Oct. 25th? Well then our performance at the State Theatre sounds like it would be a perfect fit for your city-hopping, laughter-loving lifestyle.

You folks on the East Coast, hang in there, we’re gonna make it your way in 2009.


Thanks to SPC Joshua Hutcheson of the U.S. Army for setting up a screening of Doomsday Machine in a theater in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces in the international zone in Bagdad. Here's an excerpt from his guest blog about it on our site

"It was a great environment. All the joke-cracking was just the audience’s way of loosening up, getting their funny bones limber for the hilarity to come. I’ve always loved the old MST episode watching parties because you knew that everybody got the jokes and there was a good vibe going on. Our love of esoteric comedy set us apart from most people and bonded us together, (which is why MST fans become such good friends). That same kind of connection happened again Wednesday night as around fifty or so soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and civilians settled in for laughs a plenty, while watching Cinematic Titanic’s Doomsday Machine, (my god what a movie!)

We laughed, we cried, we learned. Together."

Pretty cool, huh?

J. Elvis Weinstein