Green Legacy Slime of Blood

Talk about your novelty glasses.Welcome, won't you?

Two really exciting releases today:

First, as previously announced, Cinematic Titanic has released their take on the seventies family murder flick, Legacy of Blood. Download from EZTakes for $9.99, or order a professionally pressed DVD directly from Cinematic Titanic for $14.99. Thus far, I have heard of no distribution glitches. I believe this may be a first for them.

An artifact to be treasured, not for its intrinsic worth, but for its historical value.Second, the Digital Archive Project has gotten their grubby mitts on a copy of MST3K's unaired pilot, The Green Slime. I'm not holding out very high hopes for audio and video quality; given the timing of this episode's appearance, and its description as "Presented with an introduction from the man himself, Joel Hodson", I strongly suspect that this is a camcorder version of the recent Archon presentation. But still, that one of the four lost KTMAs, the Holy Grails of MST3K fandom, has finally come to light in any form is a big, big deal. I'll start downloading when I get home and hopefully have a review up sometime next week.