Joel Wants a Do-Over

And Rules Them With an Iron Fist!Welcome, won't you?

First, a correction: A few days ago I erroneously reported that Cinematic Titanic had riffed a Philipino vampire movie in St. Louis. This is incorrect; they actually riffed a Philipino vampire movie in Minneapolis. The original post has been corrected. We (meaning I) regret the error.

Second: The St. Louis show is actually November 1 (this Saturday), and it will feature the holiday movie they've been hinting about for months. Joel announced the title in his blog today, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Yep, it's the same movie he riffed with Trace and Kevin way back in Season Three of MST3K. DVD and download versions will be available on November 20, 2008. They did a fantastic job on it the first time around; here's hoping they do at least as well this time. In the meantime, the Cinematic Titanic Guide has been updated.