Magneto? Cerebro!

Check out Xavier's marionnette arm.Welcome, won't you?

My schedule has recently taken a turn for the crazy, hence the lack of updates since last Wednesday. Things have not ceased to happen in the world of MST3K fandom, however, so this means I've got about a ton of things to post.

1) The next Rifftrax will delve back into ancient days of classic cinema (i.e. pre-2008 release date) as they continue another Superhero series. Mike, Bill and Kevin will dredge up painful memories of Sir Ian's cape and Hugh Jackman's nipples as they take on X2 this Wednesday. Yes, that's this Wednesday, November 12, 2008. Do not mark your calendars for a week from now.

2) The latest Rifftrax short, Good Eating Habits, was released more than a week ago, and I have just now gotten around to writing a review. (Posted here. In a nutshell: Chew early and chew often.) It's the funniest thing they've done in months.

3) iRiffs has launched, providing the riff-hungry masses with more amateur riffs than you can possibly imagine. Assuming, of course, that you can't possibly imagine a number over twenty. If you can, then I guess I can admit that there are only twenty-one in the catalog so far. There will be more to come, I'm certain.

To reiterate my iRiffs policy: I have trouble keeping up (both both financially and free time, um, -ially) with the commentaries issued by bona fide MST3K alumni and their approved lackeys. I will continue to update the Colossal Fan Guide with new reviews for Rifftrax, Rifftrax On Demand and Rifftrax Presents, (as well as Cinematic Titanic, etc.) but I draw the line at iRiffs. Some of my time and money has to be dedicated to eating and sleeping.

And now I'm off to dive back into my drifting piles of new work. Hopefully I'll be back soon.