Turkey Surprise!

Is Mike's version of Jack Perkins gay?  Not even he knows for sure.Welcome, won't you?

No new announcements or releases today, just a suggestion for a little holiday viewing. This Thanksgiving, why not gather with friends and family to watch the Turkey Day version of Night of the Blood Beast? A well-riffed film prefaced by the hilarious short Once Upon a Honeymoon, with funny Thanksgiving-themed host segments dispersed throughout. Granted, it was only aired twice back in the nineties, and hasn't been released on home video, but anyone with a decent broadband connection and an understanding of Bittorrent* ought to be able to get it from the Digital Archive Project overnight.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
*Please note that the author of this site and the maintainers of the Digital Archive Project only endorse Bittorrent as a method of MST3K acquisition where the episode in question cannot be commercially released for legal reasons. In other words, support the artists wherever possible. Our financial encouragement is what keeps the riffers riffing.