I'm Baaaaaack...

Bill's resemblance to Emma Thompson is uncanny....and this time [significant pause] it's personal.

A few things happened while I was gone, all of them Rifftrax-related. The Rifftrax for The Dark Knight was released on Tuesday, just as we knew it would be. Expect a review early next week.

The next Rifftrax was also announced right on schedule. Mike, Bill and Kevin give Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban a good working-over on December 16, 2008.

Also, a welcome surprise; after an attempt to offer a free riffed version of The Incredible Hulk: The Final Round crashed the internets a while back (review here), the commentary track for that experiment is now available for sale on the site. You'll have to track down a copy of the The Incredible Hulk: Season One to make use of it, but it's definitely worth the trouble. Pick it up here.

Also, as always, welcome, won't you?