Chicks Dig Ham Radios

Why are none of the people wearing sweaters?Welcome, won't you?

I realize I'm a day late on this one, but when the work backlog/house shopping/holiday cheer thing gets a nice, hearty Christmas flu piled on top of it, things tend to bog down even further. Though the New Year has yet to yield a title for the next full-length Rifftrax, the newest short actually came out yesterday; I downloaded it to my Pocket PC and watched it over my lunchbreak. Head down now to check out Shy Guy, featuring hilarious fifties advice about how to be popular. (You have to wear a sweater, then stalk people.) Features a very young Dick York.

Reminder: the latest Cinematic Titanic release, Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, comes out tomorrow.

Also: I still owe you a Star Wars review. Now that the holidays and the flu have subsided, I'll get you one by the end of the week.