Freakenstein's Castle of... Franks?

Frankenstein lives in a featureless block of granite?Welcome, won't you?

Cinematic Titanic's version of Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks is now available both as a download and as a physical DVD, for $9.99 and $14.99 (plus shipping and handling) respectively. No distribution glitches thus far, that I've heard of anyway. That's three good launches in a row now, so I guess I'll have to stop mentioning it. I'll be starting my download tonight and viewing it over the weekend.

Also, there is another (temporarily) free Rifftrax on the horizon. Continuing their coverage of the acclaimed "Guy" series, Mike, Bill and Kevin will riff the 1951 self-esteem short Self-Conscious Guy live on the internet at 6:00 p.m. PST on Thursday January 15, 2008, after which a non-live version will become available for sale on the site. I'm hoping for an epic tale of a superhero who gains his powers after being bitten by a newly irradiated Bashful the Dwarf, but I realize I'm setting myself up for disappointment.