I Wish the FDA Would Test Me for Soul-Destroying Qualities

That guy peeking through the smoke--is that Skeletor?Welcome, won't you?

Here's my review for the three-riffer commentary of Reefer Madness. It's funny enough. Is it ten dollars worth of funny? Probably not. Worth picking up the lower-priced commentary-only MP3 if you've already got the DVD, though.

And here's a neat little tidbit regarding classic MST3K. Distributor Shout Factory now has an itunes storefront, so you can buy select episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 online. Check out The Satellite News for more information.

Not much else going on today in the world of MST3K fandom. In my personal life, however, I have just opened escrow on my very first house. This is relevant to readers of this blog because my shifting financial/free time/internet access situation will probably make make updates spotty through February and into March. Congratulations to me!