Rifftrax Video On Demand 031 to 040

RVOD031 Each Child Is Different

RVOD032 Kitty Cleans Up

RVOD033 Why Vandalism?

RVOD034 Aqua Frolics

RVOD035 The Incredible Hulk: The Final Round

RVOD036 Good Health Practices

RVOD037 Good Eating Habits

RVOD038 Know For Sure

RVOD039 Shake Hands with Danger

RVOD040 Christmas Toyshop

The last three shorts of this section finish off the "Eat Our Shorts" promotion of July 2008. Quality wasn't bad for the duration, just slightly worse than normal. It shoots sharply upwards again once we get back to the "every once in a while" schedule. Includes an episode of the Incredible Hulk television series that was a pleasure to watch, and still would be if the popularity of its free streaming format hadn't broken its little corner of the internet. (Fortunately, it's been released commentary-only for people who can track down the Season One DVDs.) Good Health Practices and Good Eating Habits, mark an excellent return to form for the riffers in terms of educational shorts, and while it's a bit more uneven than the previous two, Know for Sure is noteable for its hilarious Italian stereotypes (and for being about syphilis). For sheer weirdness, though, you really can't go wrong with the Holiday-flavored short Christmas Toyshop, as violent war toys take on the be-top-hatted spider-dog of Bill's nightmares.

Also noteable: Shake Hands with Danger, a graphic construction safety short exclusive to the Best of Rifftrax Shorts, Volume One DVD. Its episode number, indeed its very insertion into the Video on Demand lineup, is entirely arbitrary. I just couldn't figure out where else to put it.