Featuring [Your Name Here]

Makes me wish I had the time and expertise to enter.Welcome, won't you?

iRiffers take note: Mike Nelson has lifted a page from Willy Wonka. Ten lucky iRiffers will be chosen to tour his whimsical factory of riffing delights, during which nine will be picked off in ironically appropriate ways. Or maybe his minions will just pick the ten iRiffs they like best and let the Rifftrax-watching public decide. (A Thunderdome-style method of narrowing the field would be ideal, but Mike has already declared himself beyond such an approach.) The winner will receive one grand in cash and an opportunity to riff with the master himself. Entries must be received by February 15, 2009. Click here for details.

Confidential aside: Many thanks to the folks who have contributed to my Rifftrax-and-Cinematic-Titanic-purchasing fund. Thanks to you (specifically, parties anonymous and a Mr. D.R. Hendrickson III), coverage will continue throughout a harrowing and financially draining escrow period.