Odds 'n Ends to Close Out the Week

Bwahahahahaha!Welcome, won't you?

1) I'm going to see Cinematic Titanic take on Blood of the Vampires this Friday in San Francisco! It's a good thing I bought this ticket last month, because between escrow and the Governator cutting my pay for no reason, there's no way I would have gone otherwise. (Confidential aside to Mr. Schwarzenegger: Your precious tax revenues don't pay my salary and never have. WTF?) The pre-recorded version of Blood of the Vampires will probably go on sale next month. Also, in announcing Saturday's show, they've let slip the title of another release-to-come: a kung fu/blaxploitation mash-up called Dynamite Brothers. If 'fro picks, swanky disco and hoards of Asian thugs aren't prominently featured, I, for one, will be very disappointed.

2) Something I forgot to include in last night's missive: A schedule of Rifftrax's ongoing cavalcade of three-riffer do-overs.

On February 17, 2009: A three-riffer version of Missile to the Moon.
On March 3, 2009: A three-riffer version of Carnival of Souls.
On March 10, 2009: A three-riffer version of Swing Parade.

And that appears to be the end of the do-overs--unless, of course, they take my suggestion and riff Forbidden Zone, but I think we all know that's pretty unlikely. So, no totally new material until late March at the earliest, unless they decide to drop a short on us in the middle somewhere.

3) Mike Salva is still making the rounds of the various cons with Max the Hero, as well as his new (non-MST3K-related) short Back to Life. His latest appearance will be on February 27, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at Megacon in Orlando Florida. Check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

4) I'm taking the rest of the week off to pack up my old house, so unless something new and exciting happens, I'll be back with a Night of the Living Dead review and a Cinematic Titanic Live report next Tuesday.