Rifftrax 078-088

R078 Swing Parade (Three-Riffer Version)

R079 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

R080 Twilight

R081 Planet of Dinosaurs

R082 Casablanca

R083 Voodoo Man

R084 The Room

R085 Red Dawn

R086 Fast & Furious

R087 The Matrix Revolutions

R088 Dragon Wars: D-War

Lots of very funny riffs in this section, most notably for The Empire Strikes Back (a solid riff of a good movie), Twilight and Dragon Wars (hysterical riffs of terrible movies). Also notable in this section: a decent riff of revered classic Casablanca, and the much-requested and long-awaited riffing of fan favorite Red Dawn. Also, the dredging up of The Room and Planet of Dinosaurs, two very solid contenders for the prestigious title of Most Ineptly Made Film Ever.

This section has eleven films in it--Voodoo Man doesn't have a separate MP3 to go with the VOD, I kept it in the RVOD section. The Rifftrax staff doesn't think that way, though, so I've added it back into the chronology.