Rifftrax Video on Demand 041 to 050

RVOD041 Shy Guy

RVOD042 Self-Conscious Guy

RVOD043 Reefer Madness (Three Riffer Version)

RVOD044 Overcoming Fear

RVOD045 Little Shop of Horrors (Three Riffer Version)

RVOD046 House on Haunted Hill (Three Riffer Version)

RVOD047 Night of the Living Dead (Three Riffer Version)

RVOD048 Missile to the Moon (Three Riffer Version)

RVOD049 Playing Together

RVOD050 Carnival of Souls (Three Riffer Version)

The first few shorts explore the issue of fear, shame and self-loathing in teens of the forties and fifties. Two of these shorts (Self-Conscious Guy and Overcoming Fear) also mark a (thus far) short-lived experiment in riffing shorts live, for free, in streaming video. Both shorts crashed their site, the second time for days on end, so they probably won't be doing that again any time soon. Most of the other entries in this section are redirection pages for the On Demand versions of Three Riffer re-riffs. Since these have all been simultaneously released as regular Rifftrax, the actual reviews are up in that section.