A Summary of My Five Day Weekend:

Hey, how come none of them have been tarted up like blue beauty queens?I spent most of it sitting around the house. Well, sitting around the house and packing boxes, so it was the strenuous kind of house-around-sitting. Having to dig a four-year-old out of the boxes, then pry my belongings away from her and put them back into the boxes every few minutes only made it more so.

Also, I saw Rifftrax's three-riffer version of Night of the Living Dead--by far the most rewritten of the do-overs. I still don't like the movie, but the commentary's funnier this time. Full review sometime this week.

Also, also: I went and saw Blood of the Vampires performed live by the Cinematic Titanic crew in San Francisco on Friday night. Live energy and audience reaction can make any riffing seem funnier, but even allowing for that, this movie was something else. It features lovely Filipinas in ludicrous fake teeth, terrifying Catholic icons, and minstrel show-levels of racial cluelessness. Everyone dies at the end, but in a good way (I guess). It truly must be seen to be believed. The Cinematic Titanic folks were nothing short of vicious to it, and the result was hurts-your-gut-to-laugh-so-much funny. Afterwards, a huge knot of people clustered around a table in front of the theater bar to meet the riffers. I made brief and slightly awkward conversation with all five while they signed my weatherbeaten copy of The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide. I'll post a more thorough report of the event soon.

Also, also, also: Rifftrax's three-riffer do-over of Missile to the Moon has been released. Head on down and pick it up.

Also, welcome, won't you?