Why Is My Big Head So Hard?

Hmmm, there's something significantly undercutting the romantic tension in this scene.  I wonder what it is?Welcome, won't you?

At long last, Rifftrax brings us a movie that addresses the nation's worries about omnipresent problem of mule blindess. To quote directly, "Don't you worry about that mule. That mule ain't goin' blind." Doesn't that just take a load off your mind?

Anyway, here, as promised, is my review of the three-riffer commentary for Swing Parade. Not enough stoogishness in it, but fortunately it contains just the right amount of Rifftrax.

Also: Congratulations to That Guy With The Glasses on winning the recent iRiffs contest. We'll be seeing a Rifftrax Presents title from him in the near future.