Yet Another "Blood" Movie...

That's all of it, right there....that makes, what, three now? If you count The Oozing Skull (original title: Brain of Blood), anyway. Today's Cinematic Titanic release, Blood of the Vampires holds a special place in my heart, though, as it's the one I saw live in San Francisco last month. At that time it was, to use the vernacular, awesome. Indeed, one could even say (if one were willing to delve into a youth-oriented dialect that I tend to use only sparingly and with a certain amount of awkwardness) that it rocked. I'm wondering if the live experience has caused me to imbue this as-yet unreviewed release with unrealistic expectations? I hope not. I'll let you all know soon.

In other news, announcement of the next Rifftrax isn't scheduled until April 8, 2009, so it looks like they (and we) all get a break until the middle of April at the earliest. Unless they drop a short or two on us unannounced, of course, which has been known to happen. Cross your fingers.

Oh, and welcome, won't you?