Belated Catch-All Post

Sign issued by the saddest traffic zoning commission in the world.Welcome, won't you?

Four things I should have done on Friday, but did not:

1) There's a new Rifftrax short called Primary Safety in the School Building. Check out the frowny face stop sign action.

2) The collection of black and white three-riffer do-over DVDs has expanded with new DVDs for Swing Parade, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Missile to the Moon, House on Haunted Hill and Carnival of Souls. $9.95 each, buy any five of the nine currently available (a number that includes the $14.99 Best of Rifftrax Shorts Volume I) and you get a $10 gift certificate. Still a good deal, if you don't mind your movies in black and white.

3) Alert reader E.P. Haury has pointed me towards Shout Factory's YouTube channel, on which they have posted all four Film Crew releases. Check it out.

4) Wish my sister a happy birthday. Happy birthday, Kate!