Cancer Farts?

I just can't love a man who won't keep his vehicle from swerving erratically.Welcome, won't you?

New Friday, new short. This one's called Going Steady?, and I think it's about monogomy, or maybe the ability to steer a car. Pick it up here.

Also, I've posted a review of As We Like It, a Shakespearean-ly named short whose sole purpose is to remind us that there is such a thing as beer. All it's missing is a segment where the audience at home has to clap their hands and believe in beer as hard as they can to keep it from slipping out of existence.

Also, also: Please have a look at this non-beer-related screen capture from As We Like It.

What the hell?
Have I gone completely mad, or is the pamphlet in the upper right titled, "Cancer Farts for Women"?