Little Night of the Reefer

Shambling, riffing creatures of the night...Welcome, won't you?

One more quick update before the weekend. Rifftrax has repackaged three of their three-riffer do-overs (Reefer Madness, Little Shop of Horrors and Night of the Living Dead) as DVDs. They're only $9.95 a pop, and come with a $5.00 gift certificate to the Rifftrax store if you buy all three at once.

The cloud behind this silver lining, however, is that they use the public domain black and white films instead of the colorized Legend Films versions. Though, if you're a black and white purist, that might actually be the silver lining. Depends on what your priorities are, I guess. I'm fine with my On Demand video files, but for people who prefer professionally pressed DVDs and don't mind the lack of color, this is a pretty good deal. Check it out.