RVOD059 Primary Safety: In the School Building

(1960-ish?, Educational/Short, color)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

All rough edges will be ground down. Conform!

Rating: **1/2

In a Nutshell:

Safety-conscious second graders watch each other closely.


Sign issued by the saddest traffic zoning commission in the world.Bill’s teacher hands him a bandolier and a pair of signs. If he sees someone using good safety practices, he should hold up the smiling green sign. If he sees someone acting in an unsafe manner, he should hold up the frowning red sign. This excites the rest of the class for some reason, and they all join in the witch hunt for unsafe behavior. Leaning back in chairs is not permitted. You shouldn’t hold your pencil/scissors/sharp object point up either. Running around in incorrectly-tied shoes is another no-no. Walk to the right of the hall, except around doors, and use the handrails. Now let’s recap! Now let’s recap again!


Safety’s pretty important, I’ll admit. Unfortunately, it’s kind of dull, too. Most safety shorts have enough good sense to spice things up with chipmunk-voiced aliens, catchy guitar licks or hideous papier-mache monkey masks. This short’s gimmick is a pair of signs. Yep, that’s it. A pair of signs. Go nuts, kid.

The commentary is pretty much what you would expect for a film of this age and subject matter. In the midst of a flurry of advice, Kevin tells us, “Be sure to wear your pants safely, just below the armpits.” As the children leave the right side of the hall to carefully skirt a classroom door, Bill says, “This is the rabid dog storage room.” When the narrator asks how we should carry sharp objects, Mike replies, “With a broad, downward stabbing motion.” While the commentary doesn’t completely rescue the short, it does raise it from “deathly dull” to “averagely funny.”