Titles For Our Not-Too-Distant Future

Going back to the proud MST3K tradition of mocking movies I've never heard of before.Welcome, won't you?

Update 8:30 p.m.: Okay, so my hunch about the upcoming Cinematic Titanic releases having been retitled has turned out to be correct. Danger on Tiki Island is actually Brides of Blood Island, and East Meets Watts is actually a retitled Dynamite Brothers. Thanks for keeping us up to speed, Sampo.

And now, the original post:

Cinematic Titanic will kick off another tour starting May 15, encompassing Atlanta, Mesa, Philadelphia, Portland and Dallas. (Head down here for all details known thus far.) Sadly, there's nothing closer than a twelve-hour drive from my house, so I won't be attending. What interests me about this annoucement is the revelation of two more upcoming titles: East Meets Watts and Danger on Tiki Island, both of which have either been retitled for CT release or are too obscure even for imdb. These, along with the previously screened Dynamite Brothers and another movie to be named later, will presumably comprise the next run of Cinematic Titanic releases.