Weenis!Welcome, won't you?

Those of you who (like me) didn't happen to check the Rifftrax blog between one and three p.m. yesterday apparently missed some crazy live riffing good times. As an experiment, the Rifftrax guys charged ten cents a piece to watch them pile on a remedial Home Ec short called Cooking: Terms and What They Mean. While I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see it, I am pleased to see that their servers appear to have survived this time. A pre-recorded version ought to become available shortly.

While we're waiting for that one, they've released a short called Damaged Goods, which, as the name would imply, is about your weenis. Proper care and grooming of your weenis is no doubt encouraged. Getting drunk is discouraged, as this may cause you to wield your weenis in an unsanitary manner, and the last thing anyone wants is a diseased weenis. Can you tell I like to say "weenis"? Weenis! Grab it (the short) here.