Breaking News!

Bill's going after Kevin with that hot glue gun.Welcome, won't you?

We (meaning me) here at War of the Colossal Fan Guide have just learned that the Rifftrax server has become infested with angry Japanese ghost children. Anyone attempting to view their site on May 15, 2009 between the hours of six and eight p.m. PST will automatically download these destructive little Nipponese phantasms, which will then leap out of your monitor to murder you and all you hold dear.

This is totally, absolutely true, and not something I just made up to keep people from showing up en masse and crashing their site while I'm trying to watch the live presentation of Shake Hands With Danger (free showing) and Planet of Dinosaurs ($6.99 to watch, $14.99 to watch plus a plethora of downloadable extras, details here).