The Return of Rifftrax Live!, or, Planet of Convoluted Pricing

Bill's going after Kevin with that hot glue gun.Welcome, won't you?

The next Rifftrax has been announced, and it's something you've probably never heard of. Planet of Dinosaurs (imdb here) will be riffed live on the internet on Friday, May 15, 2009. They'll start out at six p.m. PST with a free showing of the formerly DVD-exclusive short Shake Hands With Danger (Ba-dow dow-da-dow dow!) and then move on to a pay-per-view of the film, followed by pay-per-view of the subsequent Q&A. Click here to buy your tickets now!

Entry fee for the whole enchilada is $14.99. That includes downloadable video of the live session, to be posted early the next week, and will possibly include other goodies to be named later. If you miss the live show, $12.99 will get you downloadable video of it, only without the short or the Q&A. If you want to watch it live, but don't care about downloading it later, then your price tag is $6.99. Studio (i.e. prerecorded) versions will become available immediately after the live show: the commentary MP3 for $3.99 (though this is not recommended as it will only work with one version out of the many available for this film), and the Video on Demand file for a price that has not yet been announced, but will probably be $9.99 just like every other VOD they've released. Shake Hands With Danger will probably be released in some form too, but the pricing and format of such a release have not yet been addressed.

You got all that? 'Cause I'm not sure I do. I'll post further details as they develop/I figure them out.