Includes at Least One Song About the Sparkling Undead

The most original band name since 'The Band'Welcome, won't you?

Not much happening in the post-MST3K riffing world today, so here's a couple of minor items.

1) If you've been following the Rifftrax Blog, you'll know that Mike, Bill and Kevin have a band, the imaginatively named Rifftones. If you've been following their blog rather more closely than I have, then you'll also know that, as of May 7, 2009, they have a downloadable album of movie-themed tunes available for sale on the site. If you were waiting for the start of the live short last Friday, or you sat through the song that lasted past the end of the credits on the Jaws riff, then you've heard a sample of their work already. It's not accessible in the main catalog right now, but since you're my buddies, I'll give you the direct link here. Or you could, you know, go to the site and use the blog's search function. Whatever floats your boat. (Thanks to Senor Haury for the tip.)

2) Being men and/or women of their word, the Rifftrax folks have already begun the process of making up with the paying customers of Friday's live show debacle. If you bought a ticket and you haven't heard from them yet, you might want to check your spam filter, or maybe drop them a line.