Bela Lugosi vs. Some Guy Named Ralph

Eenie meenie, chili beanie...Welcome, won't you?

The consensus from last night's viewing party indicates that the Casablanca Rifftrax is hilarious if you already know and love the film, but kind of puzzling in parts if you've never seen it before. I suspect this is due to all the fast talking done by the actors and the riffers, sometimes all at once. In any case, I heartily recommend that you pick up the commentary, but make sure you've seen the movie at least once without it before use. Review to come.

In other news, the next Rifftrax will be an obscure horror-ish old thing from the 1940s called Voodoo Man. I think it features Bela Lugosi as a Haitian. Apparently fished directly out of the Legend Films vault, this movie is not publicly available in any form, and thus will only be released as Video on Demand. Mike, Bill and Kevin riff. Look for it on Tuesday, June 9, 2009.