Climbing Back Aboard the Swayze Train

Is it just me, or is Janet Varney hotter than Demi Moore?Welcome, won't you?

SF Sketchfest co-founders Janet Varney and Cole Stratton, not heard from since their last venture into Swayzedom, have finally returned to mix things up a little with... another venture into Swayzedom. On June 23, 2009, Janet and Cole will officially succeed Mike as bearers of the Swayze torch with a Rifftrax Presents commentary for Ghost.

Note: This movie co-stars Whoopi Goldberg. Consider yourselves warned.

Also, I have seen The Room (full review next week) and it is, um, surreal. The movie's odd, mellow, melodramatic, fever-dream tone is truly unique, as evidenced by the fact that the adjectives I just used to describe it ought to be mutually exclusive. If you're squeamish about sex scenes, I suggest you skip this one (unappealing sex takes up about a fifth of the running time, no exaggeration), but if you don't care, well... The closest I've ever gotten to stoned was a handful of post-surgical codiene I took when I was twelve. Watching this movie made me feel kind of like that. Yes, The Room is so bad, it actually has psychotropic side effects. Watch with caution.