Batman For Far Too Long

Somewhere between the eccentricity of Michael Keaton and the head-bobbing smarm of George Clooney, you will find the blandness of Val Kilmer.Welcome, won't you?

The Rifftrax Presents commentary for Batman Forever is scheduled for release sometime today. You'll have to keep checking the Rifftrax site to see when it comes out, 'cause I'm spending half the day in mandatory training and the other half at the fair. Which means That Guy with the Glasses has to wait until next week at least before I find time to add him to the Rifftrax Dramatis Personae.

Also, here's my review for the amusing but kind of pointless Wing, Claw and Fang, the short film that dares to ask, "Can we film a raven doing something every member of its species does by instinct and claim that we trained it to do that?" The answer, in case you're wondering, is "yes".