Rifftrax Semi-Live!

Onward, to do-over number three!Welcome, won't you?

Rifftrax continues to spread its tentacles across the globe with another attempt at an online live show. Rather than risk melting their servers again, they've decided on a new method: i.e. perform at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville, Tennessee with a host of special guest stars in front of a live audience while Fathom Entertainment simultaneously broadcasts that performance to more than four hundred other theaters across the United States.

The movie will be Plan 9 From Outer Space (performed with a reworked riffing script, I'm told). A previously unriffed short is on the menu as well. The date is Thursday, August 20, 2009, with the time varying depending on your location. For more details, or to purchase tickets, click here. I'll watching the slightly tape-delayed west coast version from the San Raphael Regency 6.

In other news, I've seen both Ghost and Red Dawn now, and I'm about halfway through a review of the former. Hopefully I'll be able to have it up tomorrow. I'll be seeing the Running Man and Back to School with Joan Miller riffs over the weekend.