RVOD072 Wing, Claw and Fang

(1946, Educational-ish?/Short, b&w)


Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett

Hi folks! Hope you’re enjoying my misery and humiliation.

Rating: ***

In a Nutshell:

Trained animals can be funny to watch.


Wing-Claw and Fang!  They're cops!A cat drinks directly from a cow’s udder. A dog chases her away and begs the dairyman to squirt milk into his bowl. Then he herds the cow into her pasture and latches the gate behind her. A raven steals hen’s eggs and then writes a rough approximation of his name with a typewriter. A penguin descends a staircase to beg for sardines. A lion carries baskets and pretends to maul his trainer. Um... good for them? I guess?


Not really much of a point to this one. Just funny animals doing funny things, because... because... because they can, I guess. I suppose it’s as good a reason as any. Of note: The raven’s name is Jimmy, which, as far as I can tell, is not at all racist. Nope. Not one bit.

Cough up the fish or I'll take a nip at the 'little butcher', if you know what I mean.Just because a short doesn’t have any kind of point doesn’t mean Mike, Bill and Kevin can’t make fun of it. When the narrator calls Jimmy the Raven’s nest-raiding ways “mischievous”, Mike replies, “Devouring the unborn. How mischievous.” When the narrator declares that Jimmy wants to do everything that his trainer does, Bill wants to know, “Jimmy wants to eat TV dinners in his underwear?” At the end, Kevin takes a guess at the short’s theme with, “God filled the earth with animals so that he could humiliate them.” By itself, the short’s a bemusing little head-scratcher, but the riffers keep it reasonably funny, mainly by reminding us of the participants’ wounded dignity.