No DVDs! (Whistles)

Can you guys at least come back to San Francisco some time soon?Welcome, won't you?

Here's an interesting tidbit I missed from last Wednesday. Apparently, someone out there bemoaned the existence of Cinematic Titanic Studio DVDs, so Joely the Joel Sprite popped up and whistled his magic whistle. "No new studio DVDs," he said in one of his latest blog posts, by which I assume he means, "We're too tired to make lots and lots of money."

Later, he popped up again (possibly in response to an uproar of some sort) to clarify his previous statement as "No new studio DVDs this summer." There's only one month left in "this summer", but when you consider the pace at which things get done in Cinematic Titanic Land, this probably means no new Studio DVDs until the end of the year at the earliest.

Also: That Guy With The Glasses has been added to the Rifftrax Cast Page. A review of Batman Forever is in the works.