Rifftrax Video On Demand 071 to 080

RVOD071 Shake Hands With Danger (VOD Version)

RVOD072 Wing, Claw and Fang

RVOD073 The Tale of Moose Baby

RVOD074 Flying Stewardesses

RVOD075 Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Rituals

RVOD076 Teenagers on Trial

RVOD077 Cork--Crashing and Curiosities

RVOD078 What It Means To Be An American, Part 1

RVOD079 The Case of Tommy Tucker, Part 1

RVOD080 What It Means to Be an American, Part 2

This section is notable for containing their first two-part films, basically overlong shorts that they cut in half so that they can charge us twice for them. I'm not against the practice, mind you. Ancient educational shorts aren't exactly compelling towers of narrative, so each half makes just as much sense as any complete short in the catalog. Of the two, the Case of Tommy Tucker is the more hilariously weird, but What It Means to Be an American has a rambling, non sequitur vibe that builds into hilarity towards the end. Of the others, my favorite is Cork--Crashes and Curiosities, because it marries a nonsensical, fast-paced narration of automobile racing to a lilting Irish brogue.