RVOD083 A Circus Wakes Up

(1950, Educational/Short, b&w)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

Babar loves his morning gin.

Rating: **

In a Nutshell:

Circus performers while they’re not performing.


That zebra's a man, baby!Circus performers wake up, stretch, eat breakfast, feed the animals, do their laundry and watch each other practice their acts. Clowns put their make up on while two men climb into a zebra costume just before the big performance. Crowds pack the big top while the camera backs out, apparently afraid that the excitement of an actual show might give us all the vapors.


Once again: circus performers while they’re not performing. It’s even less interesting than it sounds.

Mike, Bill and Kevin have a go at it anyway. We begin with the camera poking around backstage while the narrator declares, “we don’t need a ticket.” “Just a tetanus shot,” Kevin replies. When a shot scurries away from a performer at about knee height, Bill speculates, “The monkey got a hold of the camera here.” Mike takes a cheap but very funny shot at the clowns-putting-on-makeup scene with, “It’s not easy transforming into the world’s most terrifying vision of unspeakable evil.” The riffers do all right for their part, but the short isn’t entertaining enough to hold up its end, and the riffers don’t go far enough to hold up its end for it.