Things With Wheels, Won't You?

Just look at all those corks.  Corks flyin' every which way.Welcome, won't you?

And here's the review for Cork—Crashes and Curiosities, a Rifftrax short that I can only describe as "delightful". If you haven't already, pick it up now.

Also, two more DVDs of Rifftrax shorts have been released. They contain nothing that hasn't already been released as a VOD, but you get a free button if you order both, a five dollar gift certificate if you order three DVDs, and a ten dollar gift certificate if you order five DVDs. If you haven't been getting these all along, or you just really want your shorts on DVD, then it's a great deal.

Also, also, in case you missed it the first time, August 20th's Rifftrax Live performance will rebroadcast to theaters everywhere on October 8, 2009.