Rifftrax Live Rebroadcast

Sunday at the Metrodome!Welcome, won't you?

Remember that live show we had a month and a half ago? On October 8, 2009, Fathom Events will rebroadcast the (formerly) live riff of Flying Stewardesses and Plan 9 from Outer Space. Also included is a fantastic performance by Jonathan Coulton, and some "acquired taste" sort of humor from Lowtax. I've seen three different riffed versions of Plan 9 now, including the one they're showing, so I won't be in attendance, but if you missed it in August, now's your chance. Check Fathom's site for a theater and time near you.

Also, the Dragon Wars riff vastly exceeded my expectations. This and Twilight are by far the funniest riffs they've done this year. Pick it up if you haven't already. Full review coming tomorrow.